How to care for yourself through the hustle of the holidays

The holidays are fun, busy, and if you are living in the southern hemisphere hot! With this natural tendency towards celebration and extroversion its easy to slip into overwhelm. Here are my favourite and simple ways to keep yourself in balance, so that this time of celebration fills your cup with joy and love.

1. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of good quality water. Drink extra if you are out in the sun and being active. Also drink a glass of water for every coffee/tea or alcoholic drink you have.

2. Meditate. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to sit quietly daily. It will help you set down the unnecessary expectations of yourself and what you will accomplish or how you are supposed "be" at parties.

3. Movement. Take a nice walk outside or have fun dancing. Moving your arms and legs will improve circulation and get the lymphatic fluid moving. The time in nature can reset the bodies natural electromagnetic field, which is impacted by a myriad of electromagnetic frequencies(some naturally occurring, other human made)

4. Alkalise. Make sure to balance the excess with clean alkalising food and drink. These can help us keep "cool" internally and reduce inflammatory response in the body. Be mindful of eating too much, with the heat of summer our bodies want more cooling hydrating foods.

5. Love your guts! Add fermented foods into your celebrations for a happy belly. This can assist in digestion of complex and rich foods. Sauerkraut can be included on the banquet table as a condiment or mixed into foods. Kefir, kraut juice, kvass are also great allies for you guts and delicious additions. Maybe even try kombucha as a cocktail mixer instead of soda's and juice.

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